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Vivian Timon

Records show that the Timon Family has been in Tibohine since 1700. Anecdotal and family source evidence would suggest that the Timon Family has been in Tibohine Parish for much longer, possibly since the 6th. century. There is further family evidence or more correctly belief that the Timon Family came from Spain and is of Celtic origin. It is well accepted that the Celts came to Ireland in several migrations and usually landed on the South East coast along the Shannon estuary. Nor is it accidental that in a number of towns and townlands  in Clare and South Galway the name Timon appears; for example Ennistimon, and Drumaghtimon in County Clare and Attymon in County Galway. It is most likely that migrating Celts settled in several parts of the southeast and the west of Ireland and in some cases gave their name to the place where they settled.

Genealogical research on the Timon Family has been published as a Family Tree in the MyHeritage.com website.  In addition several articles relating to the Timon Family and the parish of Tibohine have been published in both the Irish and English languages. A number of these are being posted on this website. You can access these articles under the Posts listed on the RHS of this page. You can access the Timon Family Tree by clicking on the following link:Timon Family Tree

Building a Family Tree is easy to begin with; it simply requires a lot of access to and reading family records be they Baptismal records, Marriage and/or Death records. These may be available in the local Church, in County Registry Offices or in the National Library.  It becomes more difficult as you progress back through the generations. This is where genealogical research becomes most interesting as relatives are unearthed that were hitherto unknown to the family. Being involved in research all my life was a distinct advantage but, unlike biological research and the genetic studies that I was familiar with, genealogical research leaves as many questions unanswered as answered. In other words, it’s never ending. Nor do I pretend that the Timon Family Tree as it currently stands at more than 1400 records is final. This is where Genealogy Search Engines play an important role. I’ve plumped for MyHeritage.com as its Search Relatives capacity is very good. 

After some time researching Timon Family Records I became more interested in getting to know what described the Timon persona more generally. It soon became clear that a love of all things Gaelic was a characteristic of the family over the generations. In particular, a love of the Irish language was present over all the generations. This led me to writing and compiling a number of articles written either by my father or myself. These are now published as Posts on this website. I’ve also inserted links to a Vimeo website where I have uploaded a number of relevant videos. The site URL is Tibohine Drone Video